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Outcome: Socially and Civically Engaged

Youth Participation In Leadership

No data available

Significance of Indicator: Youth involved in leadership and advisory roles are more likely to be engaged in their community as adults. They are also less likely to engage in risky behaviors.

How we are doing on this Indicator: We currently do not have local data for this indicator. The Ready by 21 Youth Engagement Team is currently working in partnership with the Austin Independent School District and the Children's Optimal Health initiative in order to add questions to the annual Student Safety and Substance Abuse Survey.

what the data tell us

Definition: Measurement strategy has not been determined. No formal definition at this time.

Data Source: Indicator data is not currently available.

Data Considerations: The indicator is on the data development agenda.

Local efforts to improve the indicator

The Ready by 21 Youth Engagement Team (YET) members have been working together to support youth engagement, including youth contributing to their communities and being recognized as contributors.  Other programs and organizations that also support youth advisory include AISD, PALS, Austin Voices for Education and Youth, Theater Action ProjectGirl and BoyScouts of America, City of Austin Youth Council, Youth Advisory Council, YouthLaunch and GENaustin