Ready by 21 Dashboard

RB21 Dashboard Steering Group

The RB21 Steering Group for Children & Youth is a work group with members representing various coalitions, agencies and initiatives, each acting as the "steward" of its respective RB21 Dashboard indicator(s). Together, this group:

  1. ensures the RB21 Dashboard is updated with the latest data and therefore can be relied upon by a range of stakeholders for informing their impact efforts;
  2. develops a presentation annually that "tells the story" of the status of children and youth in Central Texas based on the comprehensive spread of data from the RB21 Dashboard; and
  3. provides recommendations for consideration by area leaders as they make decisions regarding policy and major initiatives.

Steering Group members also assist in coordinating presentations and updates delivered at quarterly RB21 Coalition meetings to report on current progress, efforts, successes and challenges in the four overarching RB21 Dashboard areas. Participating coalitions, agencies and initiatives are listed below.

Coalition, Agency or Initiative